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Lessons Learned From A Close Call

Crisis focuses the mind.  Running around getting ready to evacuate as last week's fire closed in, I noticed problems that decrease the fire safety of our home.  Admittedly these are minor compared to the basics, like a non-flammable roof, closed or no eaves, defensible space around structures, and the like, but it was reported that one relatively well-protected home in our area burned because firewood was piled up right next to the house.  Flying embers lit the firewood.  The home was destroyed.  A survey of the area around the home might make the difference between a home and a pile of ash. 

Bad:  At least two of the Cypress are too close to the house. I love them, but...
 Good:  the neighbor's seven Palms and two Peppers removed from along the fence line creates a little more defensible space and reduced potential fuel.   Good:  the drainage culvert is a small fire break.  Bad:  there are still at least four dying Eucalyptus right along the fence line, as well as some dead sh…

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